The Infinity Machine Collection

Art Concept, artists’ curation and coordination

A collection of 10,499 unique NFTs to help produce the movie based on The Infinite Machine, the best-selling book on the history of Ethereum by Camila Russo. 4,156 NFTs have been minted so far. The rest will be distributed in future sales in the coming weeks. The collection is a collaborative effort by 36 emerging artists mainly from countries where decentralization has a major impact on lives and finances, including Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Kenya, Bolivia and Chile. 22.5% of sales go to the artists. Each artist created 10 versions of the Ethereum logo, plus 1 piece representing their vision of Ethereum values, and an original frame. Each of those artworks are then divided in 4 quadrants, to be programmatically combined with each other. About 30% of the collection’s NFTs will be randomly assigned with rewards: the option of appearing as an extra, visiting the movie shooting, an invitation to the premiere, being listed in the credits. There was recently announced that The Infinity Machine movie will be produced by Scott Free Production.


Other case studies

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